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4 Basic Habits To Prevent UTIs

The pesky issue of urinary tract infections tends to affect way more men than women, this is due to the female anatomy in which the urethra is shorter and the entrance (vagina) is closer to the anus. Urinary tract infections (UTI) are 50 times more prevalent among women than men, so this means that ladies have to employ a more preemptive hygiene plan to minimize the chances of reoccurring infections.

“Focusing on UTI prevention became a major goal because of their recurrent nature, increasing antimicrobial resistance and medical costs,” says The U.S. National Library of Medicine. “The current management of recurrent UTIs involves either repeated courses of antibiotics or low-dose, long-term antibiotic prophylaxis. Although effective, these treatments have side effects, such as fungal super-infection (oral or vaginal thrush) and gastrointestinal infections, notably Clostridium difficile.”

The most common bacteria responsible for a vast majority of UTIs plans its attack by gathering just outside the urethra then collectively make its way up the urethra, attaching itself at various points all along the way to the bladder then settling into the linings to multiple and wreck havoc on the body’s system. Luckily there are a number of ways of nipping it in the bud and prevent an onslaught of bacteria in and around one’s genital area.

Staying hydrated is always recommended as it promotes frequent trips to the bathroom which essentially flushes the bladder so often that a UTI doesn’t even get a chance to develop. One should bear in mind that the amount of water each person can manage daily is based on general state of health, namely any pre-existing conditions or pregnancy.

Cranberries to the rescue! Ok, this super fruit truly has superpowers as scientists have proven it totally kicks butt, seriously. Cranberries are now known to have properties that literally disarm and restrict UTI bacteria from proliferation and damaging cells that’s why so many doctors support cranberry juice as part of a healthy diet. It’s important to note that patients on Warfarin should avoid cranberries as such a chemical combination in the body may be hazardous.

Front to back, please ladies. This point has been chanted by GYNOBs the world over, when using the toilet women ought to wipe themselves starting at the front and swoop to the back as moving in this direction prevent fecal matter from accidentally entering the “glory hole” arena.

Peeing immediately after sex is a simple yet very effective means of UTI prevention. During intercourse there are all sorts of micro biotic introductions made as fluids move about so using the loo right after allows the acidity of passing urine to flush out any undesirable elements that has the potential to lead to a UTI.

While prevention is better than cure it’s just as important to remain in the know so it’s well advised that routine urine sample test be conducted. The HealthyWiser™ Urinary Tract Infection Test Strips offers accurate and comprehensive results as it detects leukocytes (white blood cells), nitrite and pH levels all in one go.

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