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Coping with Irregular Periods

Some women’s periods arrive on time every time each month just like clockwork but for many it’s often times a guessing game to keep track of when their menstrual cycle is likely to show up. One may ask what’s the purpose of having a period anyway? Well, the vagina allows blood and uterine tissue to leave the body at intervals when hormone levels change to facilitate this process known as menstruation or more commonly referred to as one’s “period”.

“According to the National Women’s Health Information Center, a young girl should be menstruating by the age of 15. If she does not get her period by that age, a physical examination is warranted to treat the condition and rule out any serious health concern as the cause of irregular menstruation,” reports “The delayed onset of menstruation is considered abnormal, but periods can be irregular even after they start.”

Generally speaking having an irregular period is not such a big deal but there are times at which this may be a sign of more pressing medical issues. Polyps that may evolve into cancer could be behind one’s irregular cycle or the culprits could be fibroids which can lead to a miscarriage or infertility. In the case of a period suddenly stops or suddenly continues for well over a week then this might be an unset of menopause.

This period in which the female’s body discards of the unused womb lining is important for regulating reproduction. Normally a woman’s menstruation cycle lasts between 21 to 35 days meanwhile a teen’s cycle ranges between a 21 to 45 days span. Anything outside of these timelines, whether longer or shorter, is classified as an irregular period.

Regular or irregular, periods serve to remove the unused womb lining a woman’s body creates in anticipation of a pregnancy that didn’t occur. So it’s a remarkably and miraculous feat undertaken by the female body. Following this process it’s advised to further cleanse using a vaginal suppository much like the HealthyWiser™ Femme-Fresh™ feminine hygiene application designed to prevent malodor and re-establish vaginal pH balance.

The medically approved boric acid formula of the Femme-Fresh™ vaginal suppository by HealthyWiser™ is a gynecologist recommended product that is guaranteed to relieve any irritable discomfort which treating fungal and bacterial infections as the need may arise.

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