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Credit to the Breast Milk Network

It’s a common occurrence for clinics and hospitals to ask the public to donate blood for those in need for transplants and such. Naturally there are tests done to identify blood types, storage and dissemination of the hemoglobin rich fluid. Some may be surprised to learn that there are actually donor banks for breast milk throughout the world to sustain the lives of infants just as blood transfusion saves lives.

“Brazil offers “milk banks” for women who can’t breastfeed, donors pump their milk and store it in glass jars in their freezers,” reports Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). “The jars are picked up by motorcycle messengers and kept in 214 banks around the country, ready for use by mothers who can’t produce enough of their own.”

The South American country best known for sexy beaches and the infectious Copacabana tune is said to have at least 214 breast milk banks supplying infants in need, particularly premature babies admitted to neonatal care units. Breast milk is packed with a host of immune-boosting properties which is the best thing for infants.

“Breast milk contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory substances that help prevent ailments such as diarrhea, which can be fatal to infants, and to promote long-term health in ways that dairy-based formulas do not,” notes NBC News. “Premature babies given breast milk often avoid dangerous bowel conditions and other illnesses, allowing them to leave neo-natal units sooner.”

Collecting donations of breast milk actually makes the difference between life and death for countless infants every year in Brazil, that’s why it’s impact and the nation’s system of efficiency has been studied as a model for other countries wishing to establish a similarly breast milk donor network.

“When a mother is unable to breast feed her baby, due to illness, drug addiction or other problems, the network steps in to offer free milk,” says the Associated Press. “In 2013, Brazil collected milk from some 150,000 women to nourish about 155,000 babies.”

The benefits to needy infants are in calculable and the joy a mother receives from helping other babies which are as precious as her own is simply invaluable. Having access to breast milk feels like a privilege for those mothers who are not above to do so themselves.

As with any gift one should only give the best, it is well advised for donating moms quickly test their milk supply prior to expressing if they’ve recently had a meal prepared with alcohol or a sip of a drink. The HealthyWiser™ PureMilk™ breast milk analysis kit allows a nursing mom to test if any trace of alcohol is detectable in her milk and informs of the wait time needed in order to safely pump and donate.

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