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How Blood Stacks Up Against Acidosis

The average human has 4.7 to 5.5 liters of blood circulating their veins, that’s roughly 7% of a person’s body weight, so pH balance is rather important. With the big responsibility of transporting oxygen, nutrients and clotting as needed, the quality of blood pumped about is crucial.   

“Red blood cells deliver oxygen, amino acids, electrolytes and vitamins to the cells and tissues in your body, and collect carbon dioxide and toxins for elimination,” explains Aqua Health. “Healthy red blood cells are surrounded by a negative charge so they are continuously repelling one another as they race through our circulatory system. This allows them to efficiently release nutrients and absorb waste products. However, when your blood becomes more acidic, the red blood cells lose their negative charge and start to stick together, a process called ‘rouleau’ formation.”

So essentially when the blood stream becomes too acidic everything is compromised, the exchange surface of each platelet of blood is reduced as they stack against each other due to the new polarity created by high acid environment. Feeling sluggish, dizzy and faint are some of the consequences of this state known as acidosis.

“You can’t tell if food is acidic or alkaline by taste alone as many people think of lemons as acidic, and while they are classified as an acidic fruit, lemons are actually an alkaline forming food,” explains Collective Evolution Magazine. “During the process of digestion the acids are oxidized into carbon dioxide and water and therefore do not create an acid condition in the system. Calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and sodium are the main alkalizing minerals. Foods that are high in these minerals are considered alkaline forming foods. Most foods have both acid and alkaline minerals in them, so those with greater concentrations of acidic minerals are considered acidic and vice versa.

”The human body, being the wonderful machine, can quickly rebound once feed a more alkaline diet over time. Knowing how to select alkaline ingredients is another task to master. Generally speaking fruits, vegetables and leafy greens are the safest bet for acquiring the right amount of nutrients to fuel the body appropriately. The HealthyWiser™ pH Health Test Strips for Saliva & Urine is a handy tool to keep around as frequent pH testsare recommended. It’s good to monitor any changes and help determine just how effective one’s various dietary efforts are in balancing body pH. HealthyWiser™ is a recognized and flourishing personal health and premium dietary supplement brand offering products that are diligently tested to meet industry standards. Passionate about good health and innovation the HealthyWiser™ brand is committed to delivering quality to customers.

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