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Nursing in the Public Domain

People have the strangest and most unsupportive reactions at times to the notion of nursing a baby in public. Little do they know that the law is actually on the side of nursing moms. It’s not like they’re being exhibitionists and purposely unbuttoning themselves for a show, it’s simply a matter of facilitating the natural feeding of an infant which ought o be a totally respectable scenario.

“Breastfeeding in public is completely legal in the United States and protected by federal law,” reports What To Expect, an online guide for soon-to-be moms and all parenthood entails. “In addition, 49 states have specific laws on the books that protect nursing moms (Idaho is the one exception), and 29 states exempt breastfeeding from public indecency laws.”

It’s such a pity that Idaho hasn’t yet turned around and accepted this position but hopefully in due time they’ll reconsider its stance and follow suit with progressive thinking. In any case every other state facilitates the natural order of breastfeeding yet many in the American society have not received the memo. There remains a constant need to educate and defend breastfeeding to the world, highlighting the beauty of it is a good place to start.

“The judgment and awkward stares against breastfeeding need to end. Nurturing your child from your body is something so special. It's not as easy as everyone thinks. Mothers who breastfeed should be applauded not judged nor stared at. Breast feeding is pure, beautiful and natural,” reads the caption of a Facebook album series by Nicki Kaylor Photography. “I got together nine beautiful East Tennessee mamas for a 'Latched with Love' event. These nursing mamas are fierce and determined through many catty remarks. They still stand proudly nursing. If you see a mother nursing her child in public, Please do not approach her with rude words. Smile and continue on your way or tell her how awesome she is!”

It’s a matter that is very emotional for most women how have nursed or currently are nursing in modern day America. The shamming, ridicule and sexualized skew many try to assign to breast feeding is just insane and rather sad as the innate function of the breast is wrongly being side shafted.

“As a young mother I was shunned in a restaurant and asked to leave because I was making the other diners uncomfortable. One lady said she was disgusted by me and couldn't possibly try to eat after seeing that – I was humiliated,” comments a mom, Misty Wilson, on Facebook in response to Nicki Kaylor’s images. “Eventually I stopped trying to make everyone else happy and focused on my baby's happiness. Now, if I see a mother breastfeeding, I walk up to her, tell her she is doing great, to ignore the naysayers and do what feels comfortable for her and the baby.”

The law ought not need to be empowering women to do the job nature assigned her, but nonetheless it’s welcoming to regain community support even if it has to be by way of policy and legal channels. Nursing is not the easiest task so the collective support of society would be much appreciated. From the physical restrictions it takes to the type of diet nursing moms need to maintain it really a hard work but worth every moment of it.

Self-control and wisdom is particularly needed when opting to sip anything containing alcohol as it easily makes its way into the mother’s milk supply and requires asome time to be fully metabolized and removed from the body. Planning ahead with the wait time required in mind is the best bet and the HealthyWiser™ PureMIlk™ Alcohol Detecting Strips are great for guiding a nursing mom safely through this situation. Such awareness is well-needed to ensure that nursing moms and the act of breastfeeding, both in the public and private domain, are given the respect they deserve and above all that the baby’s health is comes first.

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