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pH Balancing Bones

Some things are just better with holes in it, like Swiss cheese and penne pasta but other stuff not so much. Having holes in one’s bones is the last thing anyone wants but it’s unfortunate that 44 million people in the United States suffer from osteoporosis which literally means “porous bones”. There a number of contributing factors to look at regarding this degenerating condition and the acidity of one’s body is a very important thing to consider.

“In most cases, osteoporosis is caused by an excess of acid, or low pH, in the blood,” says Andrew Rostenberg, a board-certified chiropractic physician. “The largest source of acidity in the blood is carbon dioxide which is given off by our cells and expelled by our lungs when we exhale. The pH of the blood is strictly controlled and any acidity that is created must be “buffered” by alkalizing substances. Calcium carbonate is the body’s number one buffer. When acidity increases, the body uses calcium carbonate to keep the pH in a very narrow 7.35-7.45 range.”

So it’s scientifically established that carbon dioxide levels play a huge role in a body’s pH balance or lack thereof. Moreover it’s produced in pretty high amounts during exercise hence an alkaline diet is recommended to balance out the body’s acidity. This is not to say acidic food should never be consumed, it’s simply a matter of mindfulness and moderation. But how many persons know the difference between alkaline foods and acidic foods? The distinction is not always as obvious as one might think.

“There is a great misunderstanding about which foods are acidic and which are alkaline,” says Red Mountain Natural Medicine. “The only foods that are alkaline are ones that provide the body with buffers. The foods that are acidic provide the body with acids. So while citrus fruit is acidic, it doesn’t actually create acid in the body. Once it’s digested, it breaks down into alkalizing molecules which are then absorbed. This adds to the body’s buffer, not the body’s acidity.”

As a rule of thumb choosing leafy vegetables and fruits are the safest bet for alkaline foods. Eating the right types of food to chemically even things out is the best way to invest in the long term health, not just for the sake of one’s bones but for total well-being as well.

Anecdotally, Earth is known as the “goldilocks planet” because it’s not too hot nor is it too cold, it’s just right for the existence life, likewise the human body is an anatomical wonder that cannot function when too acidic or too alkaline, it needs balance to operate just right. If the body is constantly kept in a state of acidity then buffer minerals are extracted from bones to help support the mission of restoring pH balance, which is not the desirous means of achieving equilibrium in the blood. To be truly sure of one’s body pH state a urine or saliva test should be done regularly and dietary plans adjusted in accordance to the results.

“Saliva pH gives a good indication of what the average pH of the body was about 30 minutes to an hour ago,” informs “For an accurate measure of saliva pH, it's necessary to measure saliva pH an hour or more after drinking or eating anything at all, including pills of any kind, two hours if a large meal was eaten. Digestive acids will push saliva pH down, so you don’t want any digesting occurring when measuring saliva pH. The goal is to keep saliva pH at or above 6.7 but below 7.4.”

The HealthyWiser™ pH Health Test Strips for Saliva & Urine is one of the best home test strips available on the market as it accurately provides results in 15 seconds. To further support pH Health Test Strip customers the HealthyWiser™ brand offers for free an alkaline food chart and an alkaline recipe ebook as total wellness is a continuous endeavor.

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