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HealthyWiser Ph Test Strips Review + Giveaway!!

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100-count pH test strips for urine or saliva. Can also be used to test drinking water, pool, hot tub, hydroponics, aquariums, food, coffee. Comes in a nice plastic box. Ideal for traveling.

Dual pad ensures super accuracy with results in 15 seconds

Made of high-quality imported filter paper & reagent from Germany and Japan so strips won’t bleed like litmus paper

An easy and convenient way to monitor your pH levels for optimal health

Particularly helpful for people with diabetes, joint pain, arthritis & osteoporosis who need keep track of their pH levels


I have actually never tested my pH level, but I really should be doing so. It’s important to know what your pH is. pH “is behind the body’s electrical system and intracellular activity as well as the way our bodies utilize enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. That is why pH is one of the first things to be looked at if you are experiencing unbalance in your body in any way, shape, or form.” 

These HealthyWiser Ph Test Strips are simple to use, fast, and accurate for measuring your pH. You can easily monitor your pH levels from home to get fast and accurate results without having to always go to the doctor’s office.

You can easily just use your saliva or urine with HealthyWiser Ph Test Strips to test your pH to see how acidic or alkaline your body is.

If you find your body’s pH is too alkaline, you can have symptoms of: nerve and joint pain, arthritis, insomnia or even insomnia. On the other hand, if your pH is too acidic, you’ll find your energy drained, you’ll have headaches and indigestion as well as possible bone degeneration, muscle loss, or even insulin sensitivity that could cause weight gain.

Using the test strips is easy:

To test using saliva you should wait 2 hours after eating or drinking. Do not rinse your mouth. Spit saliva into a spoon, dip the HealthyWiser pH Strip into the fluid until both pads on the test strip are sufficiently covered with liquid; wait 15 seconds before reading your pH.

To test using urine you should use the first urine of the day. To test, briefly place the HealthyWiser pH strip in the urine – mid-stream, then shake off any excess fluid and wait 15 seconds before reading your pH.

Remember to wait the full 15 seconds before reading the results. The color of the indicator pads may change further after that, but the most accurate reading is taken at 15 seconds. Compare the color of both pads against the indicator chart on the packaging.

The plastic box contains 100-count pH test strips. These strips can also be used to test your drinking water, swimming pool, hot tub, hydroponics, aquariums, food, and coffee. The strips also have dual pads which ensure super accuracy with results in 15 seconds.

This is a super easy way to monitor your pH levels and almost a requirement for those that need to monitor their levels because of diabetes, joint pain, arthritis and osteoporosis. Being able to monitor your levels and notify your physician when changes.

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