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9 Way Water Test Kit

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About The Product

✔ 9-in-1 water test kit tests for total alkalinity, free chlorine, pH, total hardness, total chlorine, cyanuric acid, nitrite, nitrate, and bromine

✔ Water test kit is easy to use, just dip and wait 30 seconds, then check results against clear, easy to read chart

✔ Home water test kit is an affordable and easy way to determine proper water chemistry and adjusting chemicals as needed; 100-count bottle provides plenty of strips to test any water source

✔ At home water test kit means no lab test required, instant accurate results without having to mail samples and waiting for results

✔Easy method for maintaining proper water chemistry

Product Description

Is your water test kit ensuring your water is safe?

Throughout the world, unsafe water is the source of health problems and high mortality rates. In the United States, we assume that our water is safe for ourselves, our family, our pets, plants and more. However, the following statistics may surprise you. In the U.S.:

✔ Over 2/3 of the estuaries and bays are badly degraded from nitrogen and phosphorous pollution

✔ 45% of our streams, 47% of our lakes, and 32% of our bays are polluted.

✔ 45% of our rivers are too polluted for fishing, swimming or marine life

✔ We use over 2.2 billion lbs of pesticides annually that in time wash into our rivers and lakes

✔ Over 73 different pesticides have been found in the groundwater that eventually ends up in our drinking water

✔ Failing septic systems throughout the country cause untreated waste to flow into streams, rivers, and lakes

✔ Over 1.2 trillion gallons of sewage, groundwater, and industrial waste are released into our waters annually


Water test kit that quickly and easily tests for the most common pollutants

HealthyWiser 9-in-1 Water Test Kit was designed to help you quickly and easily test for the most common culprits found in water sources, including nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, pH and hardness. Our test strips are an affordable, easy and accurate way to test: drinking water, pools, spas, water softeners, aquariums and water applications. Simply dip and read for 30-second results. Match the color indicator on your strip with the color indicator chart for comparison. Our water test strips come with a 60-day replacement or money back guarantee, so there is no risk to you in trying them.

To ensure safe water the easy and accurate way, click on the Add to Cart button to have your Healthy Wiser 9 Way Water, Pool & Spa Test Strips shipped today!


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